Here are the draft routes for the 2018 #SuperEight.

At the moment we are just showing them in the ‘Ride with GPS’ versions – but full Garmin routes will be available nearer the event once we have thoroughly checked them out.
All the routes will be marked with arrows – so don’t panic if you do not have a bike computer – but the secret is to look at the route in advance to get an idea where it is heading – if you find yourself in Basingstoke then you’ll know you’ve made a wrong turn somewhere.

The routes for all days may change up to 48hrs before we leave for France – so don’t download them too early.

Day 1 – Kings Head, Roehampton to Portsmouth #SuperEight

Day 2 – St Malo to Pegasus Bridge #SuperEight

Day 3 – Portsmouth to Hambledon #SuperEight