Routes – Halow250 #9

All the routes have now been checked for the final time. We have both RidewithGPS and Garmin routes available, in our experience the RidewithGPS routes are preferable to use, even when using a Garmin device.

All the routes will be marked with bright pink arrows so don’t panic if you do not have a bike computer. The key is to look at the route in advance to get an idea of where it is we are heading – if you find yourself in Basingstoke then you’ll know you’ve made a wrong turn somewhere!

The routes for all days may change up to 48hrs before we leave for France – so don’t download them too early.

Day 1 – Kings Head, Roehampton to Portsmouth #SuperEight

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Day 2 – St Malo to Pegasus Bridge #SuperEight

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Day 3 – Portsmouth to Hambledon #SuperEight

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