Halow 250 – “the big 6” Friday 28th – Sunday 30th April 2017


Welcome to probably the best thing you can do on a bicycle.  We hope you have an unforgettable few days in the saddle with other like-minded riders all cycling to raise money for halow, for the challenge and even to enjoy it. Almost everything you need to know about the ride is in this document so please read it carefully. You will be receibving your rider number, luggage tag, route map and cable ties in the post with spares available at registration. The Rider Number links you to your bag, your ferry booking, your bike and your cabins – it is therefore quite important so please look after it. If you still have not collected your kit yet please contact Mark or George on 020 8246 4280. Your transfer jackets and two water bottle will be available to collect at registration on Friday.

Take time before the event to familiarize yourself with the route, stops and timings – it is your responsibility to know where you are going. The route will be signed but these can often get tampered with and you should not rely on them for navigation. The support crew will be there to guide you however we suggest a Garmin or some kind of Sat Nav on which the route can be loaded for a stress free ride. There are also a number of apps you can download for free, we recommend ridewithgps which is available for both apple and android products.

Is your bike fit for the event? You have spent hours of hard work training but is your bike up to speed? There is nothing worse than having a mechanical failure which could have been avoided with a simple service. So give your bike some TLC and request a service from Elswood Cycleworks, our preferred event partners. www.elswoodcycleworks.com Tel: 020 8789 9837. If you have any questions please call Halow250 HQ on 0208 2464280

What’s in this document?

  1. Daily guide including start info/stop times/key information
  2. Clothing and Kit info; including essential kit list
  3. Registration and Sign in
  4. Emergency Procedures
  5. Support Crew names and roles – worth taking note of
  6. General Info – stuff we’ve missed off

1. Summary of the route, timings and information for each day

Day 1: Putney – Portsmouth, 86 miles/4500 ft climbing

Start Location: The King’s Head, 1 Roehampton High Street, SW15 4HL

Time              Activity
0745-0855    Registration and Young’s breakfast at The Kings Head
0855-0900   Short Briefing
0905              Grande Depart
1030-1130    Stop 1: 25 miles, Shere Village Hall, Gomshall Lane GU5 9HB
1200-1330   Stop 2: 50 miles, Fernhurst Cricket Club, GU27 3HY
17:00-1755   Orchard Pig Drinks Reception Fort Purbrook, Peter Ashley Activities Centre, PO6 1BJ
1755-1805    Presentation and Short Briefing
1810-1845    Transfer to Ferry
1845              Ferry check in – remember passport (see info below)
2015              Ferry departs Portsmouth

Key information: Day 1:

  • Please make sure that you have attached the rider number to your bag, and the bike number to your bike.
  • Support staff will be on hand to direct you to the registration and bag drop off areas. Bikes can be left in the car park at the font of the pub which will be supervised at all times.
  • Arriving at Fort Purbrook
    • When you arrive please sign in with support.
    • On arrival take your bike to the correct coach as noted on your info sheet. Your bag will be available to collect from the support crew.
  • Boarding Ferry at the port
    • Make sure you are in the right coach. Please do not just follow people you know – they might have different instructions.
    • You must have passports ready for collection or inspection at the Ferry Terminal.
    • Cabin Tickets will be issued at Check In. Any issues with Cabin Allocation will be sorted once boarded. Meet Halow250 Support Team at ‘Customer Information’ on Main Deck.

Day 2. St Malo – Ouistreham- 117 miles/6400 ft climbing

This is a tough and long day; the timings set out below are to ensure you arrive at Ouistreham in sufficient daylight. If you do not reach the stops within the time limits below you may be picked up by support and bought forward.
You will need to be as efficient as possible in the morning and get off to a quick start– so have breakfast on board and get organised with filling water bottles, wearing the correct kit for the predicted weather etc. before leaving the ferry so that as soon as you have disembarked from the Coach with your bike you are ready to go.

Time              Activity
0815              Ferry docks in St Malo
0815              Follow instructions on board to re-join your Coach on the dockside before proceeding to passport control etc.
0845-0930  Riders depart – as soon as you are ready
1030-1130    Stop 1: 30 miles, Mont St Michael
(You must leave by 1130)
1300-1515     Stop 2: 60 miles, Gathemo Lunch Stop
(You must leave by 1515)
1530-1800    Stop 3: 90 miles, Aunay-Sur-Odon
(You must leave by 1800)
1730 – 2000 Final Control Point: 110 Miles , Canal Side in Caen Centre
Pegasus Bridge You must leave Pegasus Bridge by 2030
Ouistreham Port You must be arrive at Ouistreham Port by 2045
1800-2100    Congregate at Bar Mariana in the Marina
2130               Boarding process begins
2300              Ferry departs Ouistreham, France

Key information: Day 2:

  • Some riders like to stop at the historical Pegasus Bridge for a celebratory drink, this is an unofficial stop and it is still 7 miles (at least 30 minutes ride ) from Ouistreham Port. Please be aware if you stop here there is still more cycling to be done before reaching the port and you must leave here by 2030
  • On arriving at Ouistreham, please sign in with the Support Crew – It is essential that you sign in with support team when you arrive at Ouistreham – so that we know you have completed and as soon you have done this you are more than welcome to have dinner and drinks in the Marina as long as you are ready to depart by approx. 21:00.
  • Ferry and Coach Boarding procedure should be the same as on UK side – however they are subject to change due to local arrangements.

Day 3. Portsmouth – Guildford – 50 miles/2500 ft climbing

Once through passport control etc. the Coaches will take you to the pre-arranged departure location near Southsea Esplanade.

Time              Activity
06:45             Ferry arrives in Portsmouth
07:15-08:00 Bag drop and collect bikes
10:30-11:30  Only Stop : 25 miles Steadham Village Hall
13:30              Leave the White Hart Witley and cycle to Clock House Barn
14:00              Arrive Clock House Barns
14.00- 16.00 Welcome Home Party

There is lots of time on the Sunday, the ferry arrives early and it is the shortest ride, so please take your time enjoy the ride and do not rush. You will see there is only one stop but we have suggested a couple of coffee shops on the route – shown on the rider map. We would suggest that you have breakfast on the ferry. We will by cycling to The White Hart, Witley so that all the riders can gather together before cycling as a group to the finish line, please make sure you are ready to leave The White Hart by 13:20.

2. Clothing and Kit

You will be provided with halow250 kit prior to the event

  • Bib Shorts
  • Jersey
  • The FR Architects 2017 Gilet
  • You will also get the Cheevers Howard ‘Transfer Jacket’ for post ride.

You should ensure you are appropriately dressed with the ability to be reasonably comfortable in all weather. Please check the weather before setting off on each leg. Halow250 kit on Day 1 and Day 3 is compulsory. This helps with Rider Identification which is essential for our insurance and the safety of participants. We will be arranging group shots of the halow250 team for press, websites and ride promotion, we are proud of this kit (we hope you will be too) and we want to show it off!

Please remember all personal belongings that you are not wearing or carrying during the day, must fit in to a small bag (referred to as luggage through this document) no bigger than 15-20 litres. Please note you will not be able to access your luggage during the day so please make sure you carry all items you might need (including your phone for emergency contact and money) on your person.

Essential Kit Lists

Bike Kit

  • Bike (is your bike fit?)
  • Helmet
  • 2 x inner tubes, pump or gas, tyre levers, etc.
  • puncture repair knowledge
  • Bike lights
  • Personal first aid kit
  • 2xwater bottles (provided as part of kit)
  • Rider number attached securely to handlebars with the provided cable ties
  • Small bag with rider number luggage label. Bag no bigger than 15-20 litres.

General Kit

  • Euro’s & Sterling
  • Debit/Credit card
  • Phone & Charger (ferry cabins ONLY have European 2 pin sockets)
  • UK/European adapter plug (see above!)
  • Wet weather clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Clothes for evenings

In the interest of time, particularly in France, it is essential that you are able to repair any punctures as you may lose time waiting for the mechanical team – please ensure you know how to do this before the ride and carry spare inner tubes and puncture repair kits with you as suggested in kit list.

3. Registration and sign in throughout the weekend

Registration starts at 8am on Friday 28th April, at The Kings Head Roehampton. At registration you will drop your luggage which will be loaded into a Support Vehicle, please note you will not have access to this again until the Friday finish. By registering you are accepting our photograph waiver and terms and conditions of the event. Including your commitment to raise a minimum of £500 per rider for halow – a minimum of £300 before the ride starts with the balance by the 31st May. By participating you are accepting these conditions.

Please make sure you sign in with the support team at EVERY stop and at the end of each day – it may be easier to use your rider number for this, this is essential for your safety.

4. General Information

4.1 Food and drink included:

  • Day 1- Breakfast at the Kings Head Roehampton thanks to our sponsor Young’s.
  • TORQ Energy bars, gels, and drinks including water and savoury snacks, cakes etc. at the designated stops.
  • Drinks reception Fort Purbrook thanks to our sponsor Orchard Pig www.orchardpig.co.uk
  • Lunch Day 2
  • Welcome home reception at Clock Barn Hall.

All other meals and alcohol are not included, please be aware you will need both Euros and Pounds to make purchases along the route. Our energy supplier for this ride is TORQfitness – if you would like something different you will need to supply this yourself. We will be gathering at Bar Marine at Ouistreham Port on Saturday evening where if you have time you can have dinner. The ferries will also have a choice of restaurants. We would suggest that you have breakfast on the ferry on Day 2 and Day 3.

You have all got pre-assigned cabins – these cannot be changed: get to know your cabin, please be patient with support crew and ferry staff at check in.

5. Emergency and Accident Procedures

In the unlikely event of an incident the key thing to remember is not to panic. There are qualified first aiders in the support team who will be able to deal with most situations. The following points are worth noting should a situation arise.

In the event of an accident an individual must not attempt any procedure that is beyond the scope of their first aid training. Call Halow250 Support Contact. If in any doubt call emergency services.

When managing accidents and injuries:

  • Remain calm
  • Evaluate the situation while approaching it – try to find out how the injury occurred
  • Maintain your own safety – you will not be helpful to the injured person(s) if you become injured yourself
  • Protect the casualty and other people from further risk
  • Give reassurance and comfort to the injured rider(s)
  • If appropriate, administer first aid and take all possible precautions to ensure that the injury is not made worse
  • Deal with accidents in order of priority; if several people are injured, deal with those who will benefit most from immediate treatment
  • Watch out for shock. Keep the injured party warm – have a means of insulating the injured party from the ground and keeping them warm and comfortable.
  • Advise the emergency services of any declared/advised medical conditions of the rider.

6. Support Crew for the event

The ride is supported by a host of halow250 volunteers look out for their yellow jackets who will be out and about in cars, vans and on motorbikes to support you through the weekend. Mark and Philomena will be co-ordinating the support throughout the ride and should you need anything you should contact MARK in the first instance – please put the numbers below into your phone.

  • Chef du Course (Car 1): Mark and Philomena 07795 667475
  • Food 1: Hannah and Niccie 07768 082597
  • Food 2: Max and Julia
  • Sweeper: Pauline and Debbie
  • Support 1: Matt and Julie
  • Support 2 & Signage: Mel and Sam
  • Mechanic Van: Jim and “Brown” 07914 822865
  • Motorbike: Ed

Emergency services England 999 France 112