The ride is not just about distance covered but the unique group camaraderie and friendly atmosphere that gets you there. The physical side of the trip is sometimes a worry for people. However, with plenty of preparation and effective training in advance then this ride is achievable by all. Our rider section includes recommended training plans, information on group rides and other information to help you prepare. Our amazing support team and the camaraderie of the group will certainly keep you going when it does get tough.
During the 3 legs we have a number of support vehicles covering the route so that everyone is gets plenty of backup. We have experienced Halow250 cyclists amongst the riders plus a dedicated ‘sweeper’ van danger of being left behind. There are plenty of fuel stops – usually every 25-30 miles which have a selection of energy bars, drinks, and general snacks. On the Saturday we also provide a more substantial midday stop. Overnight is spent on the ferries with the riders sharing 4-berth cabins.
The route is planned to ensure you see as much of the countryside as possible, there are notable landmarks to look out for such as Mont St Michel in France and towns in rural England that you may not have experienced before. Great country riding roads that have previously been in the Tour de France and a unique routes all make up part of this exciting trip so if you’re looking for a challenge then the halow250 is the bike ride for you!
To check what is included in your ride registration fee click here. By signing up for the ride you have pledged to raise a minimum of £500 for the halow project . Due to our generous Sponsors all the money you raise goes to halow